Forget Cryptocurrency and what will happen to its value;

Blockchain and its value is here to stay, and for very good reason



Blockchain has almost become an overused ‘buzzword’. For many it’s as familiar and confusing as when someone says ‘Ping Me’. Many people have heard of Blockchain but are still none the wiser of its true purpose.


Already this year alone, Billions of dollars has been spent on a solution to problems we didn’t acknowledge even two years ago. Private equity firms, hedge funds, banks and industry giants are investing into this technology, to harness its incredible value.


Most people have heard of Bitcoin and its other constituent currency’s that make up the Crypto space. A common thought when someone hears the word Blockhcain is ‘Bitcoin’. Cryptocurrency in itself has gained its obscurity and notoriety from the leading technology of what Blockhain is and does. Cryptocurrency has almost eclipsed Blockchain and in itself made this technology the less spoken about family member, when in reality it’s the bigger of the two.


Whether you believe Cryptocurrency and its values are to rise, fall or implode, with very good reason Blockchain is here to stay and will genuinely revolutionise industry and people’s lives.


Here at TessPay, we are doing exactly that. In partnership with IBM, utilising TessPay smart contracts and Blockchain technology we are building out the TessPay platform that will change industries and the way business is conducted.


The first industry stop for our solution is the wholesale Telecom market.


Take a read of the following article to get a better perspective on how our technology will be applied to the global telecoms market.

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