Tesspay attended the all-important Mediterranean Telecom Exchange Show In Rome.



Fresh on the hills of TessPay’s hugely successful showcase at the International Telecoms Week in Chicago back in May, the team were invited to attend a much more intimate show in Europe.


The Mediterranean Telecom Exchange (MTX) show was held in the beautiful city of Rome in July. Sixty seven companies and over 170 outside attendees from 20 countries visited the exhibition over two days.


MTX is highly concentrated to business operating throughout the Mediterranean with particular attention also paid to the emerging African side. MTX is becoming an essential showcase for the launch of new and innovative products and services.


TessPay was invited to exhibit over the two day event and deliver a Keynote speech for the closing session.


Much like the success and positive feedback received from ITW in Chicago, the Rome conference was no different with a number of different wholesale telecom experts keen to sign up and follow the progress in anticipation of the platform live date in October this year.


Here is some more information on the MTX conference.



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