TessPay is thrilled to announce it will participate as an exhibitor and speaker at the Mediterranean Telecom Exchange (MTX) July 2nd to 3rd 2018 at the NH Collection Vittorio Veneto in Rome, Italy. MTX is an event that attracts senior leaders of major players in wholesale telecom that focus on opportunities offered by the Mediterranean market with particular attention to the emerging African side.

An exciting change is coming to the wholesales telecom industry!

TessPay will have a team of senior representatives at MTX to meet with leaders in the telecom industry and introduce the exciting new TessPay Smart Contract payment settlement system that will revolutionize the way the wholesale telecom industry does business. TessPay will have a stand in the exhibit hosted by our senior leaders and we invite all delegates to join Eddie Jamil, Business Development Director and Athan Terzakis, Global Corporate Finance Officer for their speech, “TessPay’s Blockchain Solution is Revolutionizing Wholesale Telecom Payments” in the Panel area on July 2nd at 3:30 – 3:45pm.

TessPay will operate a private permissioned blockchain solution that combines Smart Contracts and Automated Payments to guarantee daily settlements for wholesale telecom carriers. All transactions will take place in fiat currencies in a secure environment.

Our business system features liquidity, payment assurance, lower fees, and lower costs with an integrated VOIP switch. An easy-to-use customer portal means carriers are seamlessly interconnected with their business partners and never have to deal with late or default payments.

The TessPay solution guarantees you get paid On Time, Every Time!

For media inquiries or to book an in-person meeting at MTX, please contact:

Jennifer Mason
Manager, Corporate Communications
TessPay, Inc.
Phone: +1 416.400.5633
E-mail: jennifer.mason@tesspay.io

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