We are just back from International Telecoms Week in Chicago with smiles on our faces. The TessPay Smart Contract blockchain-based Secure Settlement System was enthusiastically received by over 100 senior representatives from the global carrier community we met for one-on-one conversations during the course of ITW (International Telecoms Week). A prominent Tier 1 carrier paid us the compliment of having offered up the best new business concept at the Chicago meeting attended by over 1700 companies from 140 countries around the world. Jeff Mason, CEO, observed, “Everyone we talked to indicated that payment settlement is a huge barrier to doing business in the wholesale telecom industry. If our blockchain solution can solve this problem, it will be industry disruption of the best kind. Our team is convinced the TessPay Smart Contract settlement system will vastly improve liquidity and facilitate more business with telecoms of all tiers. We are excited to be bringing this solution to the table.”

Despite the accolades and enthusiasm, we are back to work on delivering our blockchain-based business system for launch in the fall 2018. We will keep you updated on progress in the months ahead.

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